Best Gadgets to Have While You’re Traveling

Before you travel, you have to decide on what to pack – or more importantly – what to leave behind. For short business trips, it’s clear that it’s best to stick to the essentials. However, longer vacations pose a bigger challenge. Apart from the basics, you also need to consider what are the best gadgets […]

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Best Places to Travel Alone in the Philippines

Traveling has been an escape for most of us to get out of our routinary lives in the city and enjoy a totally different place. With so many stressors in the city, our bodies crave for something different and fresh – a place where we can commune with nature, a place where we can renew […]

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Asian Destinations to Consider for Your September Travel

September can be the best month for romantic feels as the leaves start to fall from the trees and the cold wind starts to gently kiss the land. And usually, travelers from the Philippines don’t get to see the beauty of Fall due to our weather system. However, there are things far more beautiful than […]

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How to Enjoy Your Travel Even in Rainy Days

For someone who really loves to travel, the rainy season will never be a deterrent. Despite the blowing wind and the heavy rains, you can still do something to make your adventure one for the books. After all, who says that you cannot have fun while it’s raining cats and dogs? The sunny weather may […]

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How Travel Affects Your Brain Scientifically

When we travel, we don’t come back as the person we were before we set out to explore, metaphorically speaking. Something always changes, and though we can quite put a finger on it, the travel always yields positive effects on us. But did you know that traveling is not just good for the body and […]

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Things to Do in Cambodia

When somebody talks about Cambodia, the first things that come to mind are timeless ruins and temples. But, beyond its unique escapes are the friendly people and its rich cultural heritage that every single traveler adores. Cambodia is a hidden gem that offers diverse range of activities for you to venture on. In case you […]

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Best Places to Travel for Coffee Lovers

The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is probably one of the best things that can brighten up your morning. The taste of the grand bitterness that is perfectly satisfying to the palate surely makes most of us, especially the coffee lovers, happy. Every sip awakens our soul and brings us to a […]

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Best Destinations for Traveling Alone

When people speak of traveling, what comes to mind is an activity that should involve a group – family, friends, or hey, maybe even couples. That’s because traveling is best shared with people who are close to you. Besides, the more the merrier right? But that’s where most people get it wrong. Traveling can be […]

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Some Things to Try in New Zealand

A discovery of places that one hasn’t stepped foot on, and feeling like a new person with every new destination – that’s the quintessence of traveling. Traveling is food for the soul, and traversing into a new and unfamiliar place brings a sense of fulfillment that no material thing can furnish. And speaking of new, […]

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asian destinations for healing

Top 3 Asian Destinations for a Restorative Travel

Traveling is one of the most self-rewarding activities in life especially if your destination is one of the more popular foreign countries these days. But behind the glamor and jealous-worthy trip abroad, there are also popular reasons why people travel – to find themselves or to revive their mental vitality. Since the time of acclaimed […]

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financial hacks for foreign travel

Financial Hacks for First Time Foreign Traveler

Traveling abroad is probably a top tier of every person’s dream bucket list – making it one of the key reasons why the working class saves. Traveling abroad is really blood, sweat and tears that yield a rewarding feeling and experience. After booking your ticket and processing your visa, you might be thinking of supplies […]

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How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

When we travel, we often overlook our well-being because of the excitement all travelers know very well. However, with the help of a little planning, you can enjoy the outdoors without compromising your health. Here are some simple strategies on how you can stay healthy even if you are miles away from home. • Bring […]

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Gucci is Making You Travel in Style

The number one selling Italian luxury brand is drawing inspiration from nature. For its fall collection, Gucci is making a move to show the natural and architectural inspiration behind the 96-year-old collection of the Italian brand. Alessandro Michele, the man behind the ingenious and formidable designs and creations of Gucci will share the travel destinations […]

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marsman drysdale ultimate travel essentials checklist

Your Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist

Traveling is our sweet escape from reality. Whenever we have the chance to go see the world, it gives us undefined thrills. However, travelers face an all too common dilemma – packing. Be it a quick getaway or a long haul trip, packing is indeed daunting. We often get torn over things; what to bring […]

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7 Things to Do When Traveling Around Thailand

The splendid and historical Grand Palace, the famous Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, and the remarkable culture therein are just some of the best things that you can witness in the Land of Smiles, Thailand. Located 2,208 kilometers away from Manila, Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. Aside from its glorious history, the culture, people, […]

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Why International Travel is Good for Young People

Not all those who wander are lost – as cliché as it may sound but this line from the poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings is definitely true. Traveling becomes essential to the lives of most millennials nowadays as it gives them peace of mind and stress-free moments. May it […]

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travel the philippines

Why Travel the PH

Third world country. Crowded. Dubbed a dangerous place. Social media capital of the world for some years now. That is the Philippines and all of its seven thousand, one hundred seven islands of “glory”. But it’s not all that bad.

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What type of traveler are you?

When we travel, we each have different destinations. Some are bound to see the great northern skies and some are heading towards the west part of the world. However, we all have individual ways on how to get there. Since we also perceive the world differently, it is inevitable for us to act quite differently.

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Travel Hacks to Take Note of

Summer’s almost a stone’s throw away. Hello, sandy beaches and sun-kissed skin and tan lines! But before you go giddy about the upcoming change in the scenario or purchase plane tickets, here are some travel hacks you might want to keep up your sleeve for good use.

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