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    Why Travel the PH

Why Travel the PH

Third world country. Crowded. Social media capital of the world for some years now. That is the Philippines and all of its seven thousand, one hundred seven islands of “glory”. But it’s not all that bad. After all, ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ won’t exist if it doesn’t hold water.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should definitely come and visit the archipelago.

1. It’s seven thousand islands (and more) of Philippine goodness. Whether you’re in the mood to soak in the sun, take a dip at its white sand beaches or roam its lush rain forests. The options are endless. Go island-hopping, climb mountains, make friends, swim with the fishes, watch the sunset. The Philippines is the perfect country for an adventure of a lifetime.

2. Eat to your heart’s content. When it comes to food, the Philippines is not one to back out without a game. Every region in this colorful country boasts a set of cuisine that is as tasty and rich as the last one. Indulge on a classic Filipino dish, adobo. And that’s just the beginning, mind you.

If you’re into something exotic, the Philippines has an entry for the world’s weirdest and most exotic food offering – balut. Crack open the shell and sip the tasty juice inside before devouring in the cooked embryo of the duck – yolk and beak and all. Best served with vinegar. Mouth-watering? It sure is.

3. Get to see what it’s like underneath the Philippine seas. The Philippines is home to the Tubbataha Reef, an underwater terrain that is brimming with biodiversity. Go diving and be amazed with a close encounter with fishes of differing shapes and colors, and even sharks.

4. See the breathtaking beauty of churches. Due to the three-hundred-year colonization of the Spaniards, the Philippines became a largely Catholic country. As a result, churches of great heights have served as strong forts and have become a historical landmark for most. Despite religious differences, one will be left in awe with the beauty of these age-old churches that stood the test of time.

5. Get competitive with your karaoke. Filipinos are singers by heart. Off key, out of tune, and singing all the wrong lyrics – all of these are what makes a karaoke session more colorful. Take turns taking shots of lambanog; crisp, hot and strong down your throat, and watch your night out turn into an event of uncontrollable fun.

6. Filipinos. Period. Hospitality is one of the more endearing traits of Filipinos. Through the years, Filipinos have become less conservative and more resilient to tough times, but one thing remains constant: hospitality is a trademark of this race. Visit the Philippines and talk to Filipinos. Get to know them. See how infectious their smiles and energy are. You will be surprised how willing they are to let you into their homes and into their lives.

6. It’s another check on your travel bucket list. The Philippines is just another country on the map, but once you get here, you will forget about any kind of list that you have written down on your notebooks or on your palm. If you want to get lost or get found, Philippines should be your next destination.

There are at least seven thousand one hundred more reasons why you should be visiting this tropic paradise of a country, which will be left for one to experience. And one is definitely welcome to. Third world country and all, the Philippines is a congeniality of 100 million people waiting for you.

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