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    Your Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist

Your Ultimate Travel Essentials Checklist

Traveling is our sweet escape from reality. Whenever we have the chance to go see the world, it gives us undefined thrills. However, travelers face an all too common dilemma – packing. Be it a quick getaway or a long haul trip, packing is indeed daunting. We often get torn over things; what to bring and what to leave behind. Yet most of the time, we tend to cram and overpack. You know what overpacking means, right? Excess luggage is equivalent to extra luggage fee. To lessen this kind of incidents, we have provided a travel essentials checklist for you to tick off.

1. Portable power source
Traveling these days come with our mobile phones and other gadgets in hand, no denying there. And there are a lot of uses and reasons for that — digital maps as our virtual travel guide, cameras for our photo ops, music for our long haul trips, notes app for our travel memos, cellular data for our social media updates, and of course our regular cellular load for our calling and messaging needs. Everything we need is now on our fingertips. That’s the reason why we need to always get our phone batteries full. If not, back it up with handy power source or power banks. Always make sure your phone has enough power to make it last at least a day of touring.

2. Mini first aid kit and medications
Misfortunes are inevitable when traveling. We can’t expect ourselves to keep unharmed at all times, especially in unfamiliar places with an entirely different weather from our confines. Hence, the best way to get ahold of unforeseen accidents is to bring a handy first-aid kit. Take along a few capsules that can relieve nausea or queasiness. Every traveler knows that necessary medications and vitamins have a room in the luggage, no excuses.

3. Basic toiletries and grooming essentials
The delight of packing gives us a habit of looking beyond the obvious: the toiletries. Some travelers prefer to buy toiletries at their destinations. But for practical reasons, it’s best to just carry home toiletries. Only this time, put it in travel tubes for light carriage. Why waste bucks when we have it right at home? It’s also a natural gesture to bring own toiletries with us if we are using a specific set of local products that can’t be bought elsewhere, just to be sure.

4. Suitable set of clothes
Select the right travel clothes based on fabrics. Whether headed somewhere tropic or wintry, one should be all geared up properly. It’s a basic knowledge for both veteran and first-time travelers. We can confidently and comfortably enjoy our trip with our well-prepared OOTDs, all ready for photo ops and selfies. Also, we must bring only the right amount of clothes to get us going until the end of the trip. Not few and not so much.

5. Travel papers and personal documents
In both local and international tours, travel and personal documents are of great importance. Those tour package receipts, transaction papers, hotel reservations, visas, passports, plane tickets, and identification cards can’t be left elsewhere but with us. Have it all photocopied or scanned for security measures.

6. Cash and credit cards
A number one must have: money. Truth be told, have all the above essentials be gone, but not our cash and credit cards. We can still travel without our power banks, meds, and toiletries. But, we can’t pursue our journey without a particular amount of riches. Remember, we are going places so expect some spending throughout the excursion.


This is but the basic list you need whether it’s your first time or nth time traveling. In case you still have enough space in your suitcase, you can bring along other belongings with you. All you have to do is pack ahead and learn not to overpack. Have all these essentials prepared in advance to make sure you have everything you need while oceans away from home. Bon voyage!

Reference: taxback.com

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