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    Top 3 Asian Destinations for a Restorative Travel

Top 3 Asian Destinations for a Restorative Travel

Traveling is one of the most self-rewarding activities in life especially if your destination is one of the more popular foreign countries these days. But behind the glamor and jealous-worthy trip abroad, there are also popular reasons why people travel – to find themselves or to revive their mental vitality.

Since the time of acclaimed biographical film Eat, Pray and Love, traveling to find one’s self or to renew their spirituality has been a trend among backpackers lately. Traveling has also become a sanctuary that disconnects the person from all sources of negativities, and communicates with nature (of a foreign place). If you are also a traveler who seek comfort and renewal by traveling (either alone or with someone), below are the Asian destinations that can provide you the healing and renewal that you need.

1. Osaka, Japan

To date, Osaka is the second largest metropolitan city of Japan, second to Tokyo. It is a perfect fusion of the past and the present. One must be asking why Osaka made it into the list. Simple, Osaka has a lot to offer to restore a traveler’s inner self. Here’s why:

  • Osaka has a number of shrines and temples to visit. You can kick start your temple trips from Shitennoji Temple to Hozen-ji. You can also drop by the shrines such as the Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine and the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.
  • Osaka showcases a number of historical sites. After finding some peaceful time going to shrines and temples, historical sites are the next places to visit. The Osaka castle is the best place to start the historical site visit, followed by Osaka City Hall, Tekijuku and Bank of Japan Osaka branch.
  • Osaka isn’t just about the religious and historical sites. It also boasts a handful of specialty museum and libraries. Nourish your mind with the intricacies of Japanese art from watercolor painting to pottery. Art isn’t limited to visuals only. Japanese prose and poetry are also notable forms of art and you can see some of them at neo-baroque style Osaka Prefecture Library.

2. Jeju, South Korea

Notable as The Island of the Gods, Jeju is such a breath of fresh air for both the locals and foreign travelers. Situated remotely at the southernmost part of the Korean peninsula, Jeju is a gift from the sea – a magnificent volcanic island like Hawaii.

The contrasting sea breeze during day and night, the majestic waterfalls of Jeongbang, the hair-raising view of Jusangjeolli Cliffs, and the famous Sunrise Peak (Hallasan Mountain) will surely restore your soul. Nature is breathtaking that you could almost communicate with it – a perfect destination for a restorative travel.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a beauty that needs no defining because the island itself is an epitome of beauty. Bali is a hub for café au lait-colored sandy beaches, and lush palm trees screaming a perfect tropical getaway. Aside from this, Bali is also a historical heritage of its own featuring monuments and museums that witnessed the changing times.

As you travel inland, you can see the towering volcanoes and the virgin jungles that are home to diverse tropical species. In Bali, you will surely feel that Mother Nature works wonders in comforting our souls and giving positive energy.


If you are feeling the weight of daily stress and are craving for an escape, get your passport ready and contact your trusted travel agent to book you into one of these three Asian destinations. Or if you don’t have one, you can contact us for the details of your preferred itinerary.

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