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    Asian Destinations to Consider for Your September Travel

Asian Destinations to Consider for Your September Travel

September can be the best month for romantic feels as the leaves start to fall from the trees and the cold wind starts to gently kiss the land. And usually, travelers from the Philippines don’t get to see the beauty of Fall due to our weather system.

However, there are things far more beautiful than just the autumn leaves falling and the mild coldness of wind blowing. There are experiences that you can get from the weather and environment of some of the more notable places in Asia on the month of September. The thing is, you don’t need to go far west and spend more just to enjoy your travel in September.

Below are the Asian countries that you can visit to enjoy your September travel.

1. Taipei, Taiwan
If you are up for city strolling on a fine weather, then going to Taipei on September is the best idea. Aside from the picturesque cityscape and towering skyscrapers, the global city of Taipei is also a famous hub for a bunch of tasty street foods that are unique and delectable. The famous Din Tai Fung is also a legendary dumpling resto that is a must try in Taipei to compare the consistency of taste from the one we are used to here in Manila.

2. Hong Kong
Hong Kong is another global city that is famous for its shopping districts and rich Chinese heritage. Asians know that September is also a good month to visit Hong Kong as the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Lunar calendar usually falls at the latter part of September or early October. The festivity of the Mooncake festival adds more color to the vibrant Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong and makes your stay in the country more exciting.

3. South Korea
It is not a secret to everyone that South Korea has captured a lot of Asian travelers in the past years. The famous “Hallyu” constellation (a bunch of famous Korean Wave superstars) is taking Asia and other nations by storm. The unstoppable Korean Entertainment wave is a strong force to reckon with. All those beautiful landscaping and good urban planning shown in their drama series made South Korean key cities such as Seoul a destination to look forward to. But in September, the beauty of SoKor is not in the city life but in the provinces as locals flock to their hometown to celebrate Chuseok or their version of Mid-Autumn Festival.


Are you excited to mark your calendars? Get those passports and Visas ready! For assistance on booking flights and accommodation to these destinations, you can call Marsman Drysdale Travel Inc. at +63 2 887-0000, or email us at inquiry@ph.hrgworldwide.com.

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