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    Why International Travel is Good for Young People

Why International Travel is Good for Young People

Not all those who wander are lost – as cliché as it may sound but this line from the poem written by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Lord of the Rings is definitely true. Traveling becomes essential to the lives of most millennials nowadays as it gives them peace of mind and stress-free moments.

May it be for relaxation, a hobby, or just a vacation, going to different places far from your home and to overseas countries can give more highlights to your life. Although traveling costs money and time, getting the best out of your every trip and reminiscing the moments you’ve spent on your travel destinations will surely be something memorable, worth it, and priceless.

Here are some of the reasons why traveling abroad is good for many young people:

1. It gets you out of your comfort zone.
Most of us are used to familiar environments: living with parents, passing by friendly neighbors, and getting along with schoolmates or colleagues. However, as someone who wants to explore more, you may consider learning new things by navigating through foreign environments. By means of being in a new place with a culture and people different from what you used to have, you can break away from familiarity sometimes. This can help you become more of a competent individual who can connect with people despite the differences, thus, helping you grow.

2. It helps you build confidence.
For some who lacks confidence on mingling with other people, traveling abroad can be a helpful way of easing it. Through figuring out using the public transportation, asking some questions at a local grocery store, or inquiring for directions, you are already building confidence, hence, the ability to adapt to foreign situations.

3. It will develop cultural sensitivity.
Exploring the culture of different countries can be really exciting. Knowing the certain values, norms, and beliefs behind the behavior of the local citizens in a certain foreign country makes it easier for you to understand their culture. By being culturally sensitive, you are enabling yourself to grasp the importance of cultural diversity and how all of these create significance on our globalizing world.

It is indeed a pleasure to visit foreign countries and be able to create more memories. As a young individual who loves to seek for adventures and expose his/herself to the world, traveling abroad is an essential part of your growth as a matured individual.

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