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    Best Places to Travel Alone in the Philippines

Best Places to Travel Alone in the Philippines

Traveling has been an escape for most of us to get out of our routinary lives in the city and enjoy a totally different place. With so many stressors in the city, our bodies crave for something different and fresh – a place where we can commune with nature, a place where we can renew our body and our spirits alone. There are studies proving that traveling alone can be a booster in facing a lot of stressors. It will give you a sense of serenity and solace that you cannot get from drinking a bottle of scotch or a vodka. And if you are burning out as you strive to make both ends meet this final quarter, take a leave and enjoy the Philippines by yourself. Here are the top places to visit when traveling alone in the Philippines: 1. Batanes This place tops our list of must-visit places in the country. Aside from seclusion, Batanes is oozing with nature’s beauty that is similar to New Zealand. The sky, the greenery, and the sea perfectly met and blessed these islands the beauty that cannot be seen from the other provinces in the Philippines. And undeniably, Batanes offers something that solo travelers seek: serenity and solace. It feels like you are shielded against the frustrating news from the Metro – like living in a different dimension within the Philippines. Despite its uncontrollable weather system especially during monsoon and rainy season, Batanes is still an enchanted charm in the north. 2. Vigan, Ilocos Sur The past does wonders on our wandering souls. And indeed, places that are iridescent are perfect in teleporting us to a time when stress is not the society’s norm. Vigan is an old town that preserves the past and still puts you in awe as you wander along Crisologo street. 3. Coron, Palawan Palawan is known for its unadulterated nature from its forests to its bodies of water. It boasts more than a handful of wildlife from the sea creatures to forest-dwelling animals. For solo travelers, nature is enough to keep you occupied away from the routines you had in the city. Coron, on the other hand, is the center of a nature reserve in Palawan, the heart of biodiversity in the country. Coron is an island that gives you an overall experience of being one with nature. 4. Bantayan Island, Cebu Another breathtaking gem of the south – Bantayan is a haven for beach lovers and mermaids at heart. Commune with the sea and let your heart get filled with the joy of the sea breeze and warmth of the tropical sun. This is a perfect getaway for solo travelers who enjoy the sand, sun and the sea. *** Thinking of booking your next solo travel escape? Let Marsman Drysdale do the work for you. Just relax and enjoy your much-deserved vacation away from hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

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