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    Best Places to Travel for Coffee Lovers

Best Places to Travel for Coffee Lovers

The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is probably one of the best things that can brighten up your morning. The taste of the grand bitterness that is perfectly satisfying to the palate surely makes most of us, especially the coffee lovers, happy. Every sip awakens our soul and brings us to a different place. Now, imagine yourself taking the finest coffee in a foreign land. The mildly chilling breeze paired with a morning coffee – isn’t that perfect?

For coffee lovers out there who are planning to conquer the world by tasting the finest coffee from the finest places that offer them, here are the top 5 destinations that you must visit to take your passion for coffee higher.

1) Rome, Italy

Being one of the esteemed cuisines in the world, Italy is truly a blessing to mankind by bringing the finest and well-loved food around the globe. And that being said, Italy is also the place to be for the best coffee. The entirety of Rome is filled with cafés that make the city alive. It is part of the daily living in Rome that baristas and coffee owners serve the finest quality consistently. Serving splendid coffee is their pride and bragging badge of doing good business over and over again. It is also their duty to serve every diner coming in with the exact coffee they are known for. That is the reason why sloppy cafes can be rarely found in the city.

If you are the type of coffee drinker who likes your coffee black or mildly sweetened, then welcome to Rome!

Top Cafes to visit: Café Greco, Rosati, Ciampini

2) Vienna, Austria

They are not just famous for their cold cuts, but also for their coffees. In fact, when it comes to coffee, Vienna has a reputation of having coffee shops listed as “intangible heritage” by UNESCO in 2011. From the neighborhood coffee shops to the high-end ones, baristas don’t just make their coffee best tasting. Their shops are also conducive for the customers. These coffee areas are seriously furnished to hold a great social gathering for people not just to enjoy the sip of the coffee but also the experience that goes with it.

If you are the type of coffee drinker who loves getting cappuccinos and espressos, Vienna is the place-to-be.

Top Cafes to visit: Café Neko, Café Korb, Café Weimar

3) Istanbul, Turkey

The rich and dark beans of the Turkey make it famous for the coffee lovers around the world. Istanbul is a hub for the best coffee in the country. The Turks have a unique method of making their blend. Baristas in Turkey grind beans into a fine meal and boil them both (either with sugar or not) in a specially-made pot for Turkish coffee called cerzve. Before the coffee is served to the customer, the barista will wait for some moment to let the coffee grounds settle at the bottom. Usually, Turkish coffee is not filtered using a sifter, giving it a dark, rich, and thick consistency.

No other nation loves a very strong coffee other than Turkey. If you are up for a dark and thick coffee that will surely wake every cell in your body, then Istanbul should be on your bucket list.

Top places to visit: Mandabatmaz, Velvet Cafe, KronotRop

4) Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is also a city with a huge passion for coffee. People in Melbourne loves coffee so much that they have their annual coffee expo and dedicate coffee-related publication called Melbourne Coffee Review. The most amazing part of Melbourne is the way the city is divided into villages representing a specific coffee culture.

Aussies in Melbourne like Lattes or putting milk, and if you feel the same, welcome to Melbourne!

Top places to visit: Pillar of Salt, Stassi Cafe, Captains of Industry

5) Seattle, USA

Just like the citizens of the United States of America, Seattle’s coffee shops are equally diverse. From upscale industrial to artsy hipster and homelike-rustic, varieties are more than a handful. You can also find a wide variety of coffee here, as the taste of the locals for coffee varies. And if you are like the majority of the Seattlites, and Americano is your first choice, then Seattle should be your next travel destination.

Top places to visit: Caffé Vita, Victrola Coffee, Tin Umbrella Coffee


The world is now brewing their best coffee. Which destinations made it to your list?

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Source: lifehacks.com

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