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    What type of traveler are you?

What type of traveler are you?

When we travel, we each have different destinations. Some are bound to see the great northern skies and some are heading towards the west part of the world. However, we all have individual ways on how to get there. Since we also perceive the world differently, it is inevitable for us to act quite differently. That’s how we become a unique traveler from one another. Here, we have enumerated several types of traveler that might be an exact description of what type of traveler are you.

1. The Agonizing Wanderer
They say the most cliché way to get over life’s troubles is to travel. An Agonizing Wanderer is known to be the escapist. You travel to escape from anxiety, conflict, frustration, failure, and even despair. It’s the way you heal and the only cure is for you to see the world, in your own perspective, with your own eyes.
Best places to visit: Bali, Indonesia; Batanes, Philippines; Prague

2. The Adrenaline Quester
Both hungry and thirsty for adventure, that’s what you are. You, as an adrenaline quester, are not afraid to take risks. You go the extreme and actually love it. You always look forward to some thrilling escapade. And to try the most exciting and jaw-dropping pursuits in any part of the world is your travel goals. Often than not, you get a few injuries, get hurt, and don’t regret it at all. Because it gratifies your soul as a traveler and as an individual.
Best places to visit: New Zealand, Iceland, USA and Canada

3. The Culture Vulture
You are a discoverer. Apart from your own roots, you always want to understand the origins of other places. It is a must for you to learn their history, their own interpretation of art, and their distinct culture. It’s a rewarding feeling whenever you speak a certain place’s language or when you learn how to use specific utensils for specific cuisines. You discover and absorb a culture as if it runs in your blood the minute you were born.
Best places to visit: Ifugao, Philippines; Marian Pilgrimage, Siem Reap, Cambodia

4. The Shutterbug
If you couldn’t and wouldn’t go on a trip without a camera, you are definitely a Shutterbug. You take photos whenever, however, whatever, and wherever you are. You never get tired of capturing the world’s most picturesque landscapes and even its filthiest streets because it’s the way how you tell your stories. You narrate based on the photos you capture, based on the memories you had.
Best places to visit: Shrines of Spain; Palawan, Philippines; Greece;

5. The Probing One
There’s one reason why you the, Probing One, travels. It is to learn. All your senses are open for new ideas and new experiences. You use your eyes to get exposed from Earth’s wonders. Your ears to hear different beautiful languages and dialects. Your nose to smell the freshest and the most polluted airs in the world. Your tongue to taste various delicacies from each places. Your skin to feel the warmth of the sun or the coldness of the snow. You ask the most genuine questions and seek the most genuine answers.
Best places to visit: France, Italy; Eastern Europe


Traveling lets us become the best version of ourselves. The more we travel, the more we learn who we really are and the more we realize where else do we really want to go. Traveling also lets us explore the world no matter what kind of reasons we have and no matter what kind of individuals we are, because at the end of the day, we are our life’s own autopilots. And we travel, because why not?

References: http://www.cntraveller.com/recommended/culture/10-types-that-travel

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