Microtel by Wyndham

  • Two (2) nights hotel accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • One way transfer (airport-hotel)
Add ons:
  • Extra night: Php 2,595.00
  • PCR testing package (inclusive of PCR testing at St. Lukes BGC and roundtrip transfers): Php 6,630.00 per person (minimum of 2 persons)
  • Transfer out (Microtel by Wyndham to choice of destination, max of 3 hours use): starts at Php 1,180
Microtel by Wyndham Mall of Asia Safety Procedures:

Front Office
1. Add “Covid19 Out-of-Order” designation in Property Management System (PMS).
– these rooms will be tracked differently in terms of sanitation and disinfecting than regular OOO (Out Of Order) rooms.
2. Queue Management – To limit the number of guests gathering within or outside the hotel and ensure queues are fast-moving
– examples can include but not limited to staggering guests queueing at reception/information/check-in counters and other common facilities
– clear demarcating queuing areas by using floor markers to guide queue distancing of at least one meter
3. Seating Management – To ensure a safe distance of at least one meter between tables and between seats.
– individuals and family members who wish to seat together should continue to do so, but there should be a safe distance maintained between different groups of guests
4. Limit the number of passengers of the hotel shuttle service to less than half of the total passengers of the van
– the vehicle must be disinfected immediately after each use
– the vehicle must have a separate trash bag for all gloves, facemasks, PPE’s, wet wipes and other sanitation disposables used by the passengers.
5. Conduct regular Front Office staff training on handling and managing COVID-19 suspect cases
6. Conduct regular briefing and information of all Front Office staff on current and updated health situation and pertinent safety measures.
7. Strict observance of precautionary measures, including social / physical distancing, hand cleaning, and respiratory etiquette.
8. Install acrylic counter shield/barrier at the front office/reception counter for added protection against direct hit in case of coughing and sneezing guests
9. Implement digital mode of payment (e.g. G-Cash, Pay Maya, Alipay, etc.) as alternative to cash or card transactions to reduce customer physical contact.
10. Implement a contact-less registration/check-in procedure using the available technology
11. Escorting of newly-checked in guests and showing the room is discouraged.

1. Housekeeping staff training on the following:
– knowledge of Infectious Disease (possible transfer in hotel environment)
– disinfection Procedure (training and actual demo)
– assessment / sourcing of disinfectant and cleaning chemicals and materials
– importance and the proper use of PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) before conducting thorough cleaning and disinfection process
– disinfection process using the Decontamination Checklist
2. Downsize the contents of guest rooms, to lessen the opportunities for germs to spread.
3. Regular refilling of hand sanitizer in public areas.
4. Room turn down is highly discouraged.
5. Assign a staff to conduct deep cleaning and disinfecting of all high touch surfaces, minimum every 30 minutes to an hour.
6. Equipment maintenance
– constant monitoring of air conditioning filter
– regular checking of soap and disinfectant solution dispensers
7. Handling check out rooms
– all check out rooms must be subjected to deep cleaning
– newly cleaned rooms must remain vacant for at least 1-2 hours for disinfection and air clearing prior to check-in of a new guest.
8. Limit make up room service during the guest’s stay, minimum every 2 days or upon the guest’s request
9. Guest laundry service
– set a schedule for guest laundry pick up.
– provide appropriate (sealed) laundry bags for soiled clothes.
– hotel staff will no longer conduct an inventory of the contents of the laundry bag.
– a waiver shall be printed in the laundry list in case of claims of lost/damaged laundry items
10. Use of the swimming pool and fitness room
– in order to keep guests socially distanced, guests will be requested to sign up for a specific time slot to use swimming pool and exercise equipment
11. Limit the number of guests using the elevator to less than half of the elevator’s total capacity.
– use markings in the elevator to ensure social distancing
– assign a staff to disinfect the elevator immediately after each use.
12. Strict observance of precautionary measures, including social / physical distancing, hand cleaning, and respiratory etiquette.
– re-arrange the lobby furniture and decrease the number of seating to prevent guests from congregating
– limit the internet bandwidth at the lobby to prevent guests from over-staying
– control the air conditioning temperature at the lobby to a minimum comfortable level to prevent guests from over-staying

Accommodation Establishments New Normal Protocols:

Guest Handling Policy
– Copy of Health Declaration Form
– Wearing of face mask
– Utilize sanitizing mats
– Adhere to temperature screening
– Comply to foot markers
– Observe physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
– Provide reminder cards on the prevailing disease and policies enforced by the establishment
– No showing of guests around the room after check-in

Reception and Concierge
– Emergency contact numbers must be readily available
– Hotels must provide up-to-date information on travel advisories
– Medical and sanitation kits must always be available at reception desk

Rooms and Housekeeping
– Only single up to double occupancy is allowed
– Couples or family members who share the same household are allowed to share a room
– Hotels should sanitation kit per room
– Provide separate trash bins for used PPE
– Hotels to disinfect rooms every after guests check out
– Rooms are set-up in a way to allow guest in-room dining
– Housekeeping staff are equipped with proper disinfection training and appropriate PPE
– Non-washable items must be cleaned with approved disinfecting solution
– If the room was used by a suspected infected person, all washable items must be placed in a separate disposable bag and washed properly
– All items for disposal must be disposed in sealed bags immediately

Transfer of Guests
– A waterproof transparent barrier between driver and the passenger is installed in every vehicle.
– Drivers are required to use proper PPE
– Vehicles must be sanitized and cleaned after every use
– Availability of basic first-aid and sanitation kit
– Vehicle must have a separate trash bag/bin for used masks, gloves, wet tissues, PPE and other sanitation items
– Standard passenger capacity for all vehicle is reduced to 50% with one-seat apart policy.

General Common Areas
– Cleaning and disinfection measures are in place in common areas
– Elevator capacity are limited in half
– All general facilities and furnishings are cleaned, disinfected and wiped at least once a day
– Trash bins are accessible in all areas
– Reminders on proper handwashing, sanitizing and usage of face mask are posted in conspicuous areas
– Toilets and restrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly every 2hrs

Food and Beverage
– Guests must use sanitizer/alcohol upon entry and exit
– All f&b are served by restaurant crew
– Grab-and-go station must be made available
– Reduce seating capacity per table to 50%
– Limited capacity in function venues
– Function venues should be disinfected during break time and every after meeting/event

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