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    North Luzon and Puerto Galera

North Luzon and Puerto Galera

  • North Luzon, a region of one of the major islands of the Philippines, Luzon, features majestic mountainous areas, volcanic landscapes, and a beautiful coastline dotted with heavenly beaches. Explore the region’s cities and provinces, each with distinct, admirable attractions to offer local and foreign tourists alike. Then be captivated by the beauty of Puerto Galera, located in Oriental Mindoro. Known as the “Boracay of the North”, Puerto Galera boasts shimmering white sandy beaches and lush mountains.

    Calle Crisologo

    Calle Crisologo

    Mt. Pinatubo Crater

    Mt. Pinatubo Crater

    Rice Terraces

    Rice Terraces

  • Day 1
    Upon arrival and welcome reception at Manila International Airport, you will be taken to Hotel Jen, a four-star hotel located in the heart of Manila. In the afternoon, after a short rest, you will visit places in Manila that showcase the country’s rich culture, tradition, and history. The tour includes the Cultural Center Complex, which was built to promote the arts and culture of the country. In addition to CCP, you will also visit Rizal Park, Intramuros, San Agustin Church, and Fort Santiago. After a wonderful tour, you will be taken back to your hotel and have a sumptuous dinner at Barbara’s Restaurant while feasting your eyes on a cultural show of Philippine folk dances. You will then spend the night at Hotel Jen where you can recharge for the following day’s travel to Banaue.

    Day 2
    Greet the second day of your travel with a delicious breakfast at the hotel before departing for Banaue via North Luzon Expressway. Banaue is home to beautiful and bustling rural towns, and the world-famous rice terraces. Considered to be the eighth wonder of the world, the Banaue Rice Terraces is a man-made landscape that’s a testament to the rich heritage and skill of the Filipino people. The scenery changes from low land to the natural countours of mountains as you get closer to Banaue, Ifugao late in the afternoon. You will be provided hotel accommodations at Banaue hotel, the best hotel in the area, where you can take a rest and embrace Banaue’s cooler temperature, before treating yourself to dinner at the hotel or trying out the local flavors at the town center’s restaurants. The day ends with a comfortable stay at the Banaue Hotel.

    Day 3
    After another refreshing breakfast at the hotel, you will leave early in the morning via Philippine jeepney for a full day ahead visiting Banaue’s countryside. Feel like an adventurer as you trek to Batad Rice Terraces and be spellbound by the sight of mountains beautifully carved into terraces made of stone walls. From a distance, the terraces resemble an amphitheater with a village at its foot inhabited by the Ifugaos. It takes an hour by jeepney to go to the trekking point called the Saddle Point. Here, you will be greeted by locals and other trekkers in the village of Batad. It will take you another hour to get down through the narrow descending trails of the mountain, but it will be worth it after you’ve experience being welcomed by the Ifugaos. Lunch will be served in a simple and cozy restaurant in the village to get you refueled for the trek back to the Saddle Point where a jeepney awaits to take you back to your hotel. Your tiring but adventure-filled day will end with a great dinner and comfortable rest at Banaue Hotel.

    Day 4
    Start your day with a healthy breakfast to get you energized for a whole-day tour of Banaue and Sagada. On your way to Sagada, you will have a stopover at Banaue View Point and Bay-yo Terraces. Here you’ll see solid proof of the harmonious relationship between man and nature through the magnificent construction of rice terraces. Commonly referred by the natives as the “Stairway to the Sky,” this agricultural architectural landscape is associated with the traditional practices of the Ifugaos. After basking in the glorious beauty of the terraces, you will stop by the museum in Bontoc to see the wonderful work of the Belgian Sisters in showcasing the cultural heritage of the Cordillera mountain people. The museum is home to an interesting collection of the cultures of the different tribes. Continue the journey to Sagada, along the second most important river in the north, the Chico River, that winds along the villages and postcard-pretty mountains. You will arrive in time for a luscious lunch before checking in at St. Joseph’s Inn, a cozy mountain lodge. Once the afternoon sets in, you will have the chance to unravel the secrets of Sagada. A legendary destination for many lowlanders, Sagada is known for its ancient burial grounds. Here, the dead are mummified and placed on tree trunks hidden in the caves, as part of the natives’ traditions and beliefs. Sometimes, natives perform ceremonial burial rites by hanging the dead bodies of their ancestors by the cliff of the mountains. After imbibing the rich story of Sagada, along with its calm sceneries of fossilized coral mountains and pine trees, you will have your dinner and rest at St. Joseph’s Inn.

    Day 5
    With another long adventure ahead, it is only wise that you start your day with a big breakfast at the hotel. As the sun starts to rise, you will travel to Vigan and finally descend on the coastal region of Ilocos. By late afternoon, you will arrive in Vigan, check in at Vigan Plaza Hotel, and be treated to a delicious dinner at Café Leona.

    Day 6
    Start your day right with an appetizing breakfast at the hotel before proceeding to Vigan Heritage Town. With your hotel nestled in the main center of the Heritage Town, your Vigan experience starts upon your arrival. This town is included in the UNESCO Heritage List due to its preserved old streets and houses made of stone, brick, and wood. The town’s history dates back to the 15th century when its trading ports were frequented by ships from China, Japan, and Korea. In 572, the Spaniards made its blueprint on the region, thus starting the deep influence of the Spaniards in Vigan’s language, religion, and art. Vigan represents a unique fusion of Asian building design and construction with European colonial architecture. To fully experience Vigan, you will be taken to Calle Crisologo, the oldest street in town, which features more concentration of Heritage houses. You will also get to enjoy a ride on a horse-driven carriage, locally known as calesa, to see the Syquia Mansion which houses many memorabilia of former Philippine President Elpidio Quirino. Other sights to see are the St. Paul Cathedral built in 1790, the Archbishop’s Residence, and the Crisologo ancestral house. Baroque-style façades will also greet you in Vigan as you visit Sinait Church and Chapel of Camposanto. Afterwards, you will be taken to Pagburnayan, the biggest pottery maker in Vigan, known for its traditional technique of making earthenware jars used for various purposes. Before proceeding farther north to Laoag, you will be served local cuisine in one of the many restaurants in Vigan. Laoag is along a flat countryside, known for its towns teeming with many old churches that go as far back as the 16th and 18th centuries. After visiting the churches, you will go to the Malacañang of the North, a museum depicting an old mansion in Laoag with a view of Paoay Lake and the sand dunes. You will also get to see the rich history of the various ethnic groups of the province when you arrive at a museum in Laoag. Other interesting attractions in Laoag are the Sinking Bell Tower and St. Williams Cathedral built in 1612 by the Augustinian friars. After a long but great day, you will return to Vigan for dinner and accommodation at Vigan Plaza.

    Day 7
    Day 7 marks your adventure to Clark. After breakfast, you will embark on your journey to Central Luzon, which is home to Clark’s Bantayan Bell Tower and Sta. Monica Church. A lavish lunch at a local restaurant in Pangasinan follows so you can regain your energy as you visit the Clark Museum and watch the story of the Pinatubo eruption unfold through photos. Today’s tour will end with dinner and overnight stay at Hotel Stotsenberg.

    Day 8
    On Day 8, have a good breakfast before going on a drive to Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac. This destination was gravely affected by the Mount Pinatubo explosion in 1991, but it recovered with its amazing natural resources and is now known as one of the most relaxing spa centers in the Philippines. The center is also used as the jump-off point for those daring enough to go on a trip to the crater and lahar areas. With rolling hills and mountain ranges providing the calming backdrop, it’s a perfect day for pampering and relaxation. After a trek to the crater, you will return to Sta. Juliana for a late lunch before driving back to Manila where you will check in at Hotel Jen for dinner and accommodation.

    Day 9
    On Day 9, your trip to Tagaytay with its cool clime begins with breakfast at the hotel. Tagaytay is where you can view the Philippines’ smallest volcano, Taal. One of the country’s most active volcanoes, Taal sits in the middle of a lake and can be viewed from Tagaytay Ridge. After enjoying the picturesque view, you will then head to Batangas Port for the ferry or boat transfer to Puerto Galera, a coastal town known for its pocket beaches, marine life diversity, and diving spots. You will check in at an amazing place in Puerto Galera called Coco Beach Resort for dinner and accommodation.

    Day 10
    You will have a free day of leisure to do anything you want at Coco Beach Resort. Breakfast, dinner, and accommodations will be provided by the resort so just go ahead and bask under the sun and enjoy the many wonderful activities Puerto Galera has to offer.

    Day 11
    Enjoy the countryside part of Puerto Galera by visiting its coves and towns. After breakfast, you will take boat ride to White Beach where you can explore the coves, go snorkeling or swimming in its wonderful waters. Then, before your visit to Mangyan Village and Puerto Galera town proper, you will have lunch at the White Beach Resort with the scenic backdrop of sea and sky. Your second day at Puerto Galera will end with your return to the resort on a fishing boat, dinner and well-deserved rest at Coco Beach Resort.

    Day 12
    Another free day of leisure at Puerto Galera. Go wherever you want and be a daring adventurer as you visit other locations within the coastal town, or just spend the day enjoying the beach and swimming under the sun. Breakfast and dinner are at Coco Beach Resort.

    Day 13
    The last day of the tour will begin with breakfast at the resort. Afterwards, you will be transferred to the port where you will enjoy a boat ride to Batangas port. Once in Batangas, you will be taken to Manila Internation Airport and assisted for your flight out of Manila. Lunch en route to Manila. We hope that you had fun exploring the wonders of North Luzon and Puerto Galera. See you soon!

  • Inclusions:
    • Two nights deluxe room accommodations at Hotel Jen
    • Two nights standard room accommodations at Banaue Hotel
    • One night private room accommodation at St Joseph’s Inn
    • Two nights superior room accommodations at Vigan Plaza Hotel
    • One night deluxe room accommodation at Hotel Stotsenberg
    • Four nights heritage room accommodations at Coco Beach Island Resort
    • Full-board meals in North Luzon, half-board (breakfast, dinner) meals in Puerto Galera
    • Roundtrip airport transfers in Manila and Puerto Galera
    • Roundtrip private transfers in North Luzon
    • Batad Tour with lunch
    • Sagada Tour with lunch
    • Vigan and Laoag City Tour with lunch
    • Clark and Mt. Pinatubo Tour with lunch
    • Puerto Galera Town Tour with lunch
    • Services of an English-speaking guide during the tours and transfers

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